White Honeycomb Waiters Cloth | 50CM x 76CM


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Serving Up Style: The White Honeycomb Waiters Cloth

Our white honeycomb waiters cloth is enough to add the perfect finishing touch to your dinner party. With its classic white honeycomb texture and 100% cotton material, this waiter’s cloth is the perfect way to serve your guests in style.


Ideal Protection from Stains

Our honeycomb cloth is designed to provide the ideal protection from stains and spills when serving in the kitchen. This luxurious cloth is made from a superior quality, soft white cotton fabric with a honeycomb pattern.

The unique design of the fabric ensures that any spilt liquids are quickly absorbed and wiped away, preventing any food or drink from staining the surface. Additionally, the fabric is double-layered, providing maximum protection against spills and splashes.

It is perfect for keeping any kitchen table or countertop clean and looking great. It looks stylish, and its robust construction ensures long-lasting protection from all spills. With this cloth, you can rest assured that your surfaces will remain free from unsightly stains and spills.


Best Option to Wipe Glassware or Cutlery

Its strong honeycomb weave fabric is ideal for wiping down glassware or cutlery and offers superior protection against spills and stains. The cloth’s soft yet absorbent construction makes it safe on delicate surfaces, and its texture helps prevent chipping or scratching.

It is ideal for wiping down stemmed glasses, champagne flutes, wine goblets, water tumblers and other glassware, and stainless steel and silverware. The cloth’s woven pattern resists tearing and pulls up messes quickly and easily, making it the perfect choice for any dining occasion.

The cloth is also very easy to iron and can be hung up to dry with no additional care needed.

This serving cloth is the perfect blend of convenience and style. Its washable machine capability is ideal for busy hosts who want to serve their guests in style without worrying about frequent laundering.

The cloth’s versatile design makes it the perfect choice for various tasks. Its size allows it to fit into tight spaces, and its breathable fabric won’t trap heat or moisture.

Whether you want to impress your guests or spruce up the look of your kitchen, this cloth can be the perfect addition. With its crisp white colour and intricate weave, it will surely elevate any space’s look. Plus, it’s lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for you and your guests. You can easily dress up any kitchen space and provide the perfect setting for delicious meals with the Ultimate kitchen white honeycomb waiters cloth.

In addition to the white honeycomb waiters cloth, we have a great collection of dusters and cleaning cloths. Visit us today to learn more about our products.

If you have any queries, please get in touch and our support team will answer whatever you have regarding our products and services.


Care Instructions

*     Pre-soak the cloth for a few minutes in cold water before laundering it to prevent staining.

*    Avoid fabric softener and chlorine bleach, which can damage the cloth’s fibres.

*    To remove any stubborn stains, use a stain remover specifically formulated for the type of stain.


3 Pieces, 10 Pieces


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