About Us

At LINENS RANGE, we strive to provide luxury and comfort for our customers. We offer high-quality home textiles ranging from  bed sheets, quilts, pillows, towels, and kitchen essentials that provide a calming and luxurious experience. Our team takes pride in assisting customers with their needs and providing 100% customer satisfaction.

We have roots in the textile industry that go back more than 30 years. Initially started by the first owners of the business, our team is now made up of second-generation members. Here at LINENS RANGE, we are dedicated to ensuring products of the highest quality while keeping affordability in mind. That is done by packaging the product perfectly and using handpicked materials such as Egyptian Cotton for maximum softness and comfort.

We have been providing luxury with comfort since 1991, so our customers can be sure they get only the best quality products without sacrificing style or beauty. We also guarantee 100% fabric quality no matter what kinds of fabrics like Polyester, Poly Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, or regular Cotton are used by us in the production process to ensure that all our products meet your requirements and expectations!