Kitchen Twill Tea Towel | Pack of 10 Cloths | 53CM x 76CM


100% Cotton Kitchen Twill Tea Towel | Professional Glass Cloth | Pack of 10 Cloths | 53CM x 76CM

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Kitchen Twill Tea Towel – The Best Heavy-Duty Cloth for All Your Drying Tasks

This top-quality professional standard kitchen twill tea towel is perfect for any job that requires absorbency and strength and is sure to get the job done. This is a professional standard made from high-quality cotton that will stand up to daily use. It has a unique twill weave pattern that adds durability and gives the Towel a beautiful and distinctive look.

The diagonal and parallel ribs give it strength and are ideal for wiping down surfaces or drying dishes. The blue check pattern is a classic choice that will look good in any kitchen setting. Not only does it look great, but it is also highly absorbent, so it can soak up spills and quickly dry your dishes. This combination of style and practicality makes our Twill Towel the perfect choice for kitchen or outdoor catering needs.


Heavy Duty and Super Absorbent

Our blue check kitchen twill tea towel is the answer to finding the perfect cloth for cleaning and wiping tasks. These can easily withstand any task you have in mind.

The fibres are tightly woven, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are also great for soaking up a sweat after a hard workout or when doing some heavy lifting.

The high absorbency rate of the blue check cloths also means they are great for dusting and wiping down surfaces. Their strong construction ensures they won’t tear or fray, even after multiple uses.

Overall, a blue check is a perfect choice when you need a heavy-duty cloth with excellent absorbency. Whether using it to clean up messes, dry off sweat, or dust furniture, this cloth is up to the task.


Other Benefits

You can rely on this blue check from kitchens to bathrooms and beyond to get the job done right. Furthermore, its distinctive blue checked pattern also adds a touch of style to any space.

Using it is also more than simple. To begin drying, grab a corner of the cloth and gently press it down on the wet surface. Work your way across the area, gently pressing down the cloth and blotting up excess moisture.

If you need to absorb larger areas, keeping a fresh section of the cloth in hand while working is best, so you don’t spread any messes. Keep moving the cloth around as you work so that it gets used evenly. When you’re done, throw it in the laundry and start again with a fresh one.

With our blue check twill towel, you’ll have an efficient and effective way to get all your surfaces dried quickly without fuss. Plus, it won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Get yours today and experience top-quality drying power!

Our selection includes not just the heavy-duty blue check but also a variety of lighter-weight terry towels and microfiber cloths perfect for wiping up spills.

Visit our website to see all the options available! For more information on our heavy-duty twill towels, please get in touch with us.


Care Instructions

*     To keep your blue check cloth in top condition, we recommend washing it with a mild detergent before the first use and at regular intervals after that.

*    After every use, shake off excess water and hang it to dry completely.

*    Use a gentle cycle with warm or cold water and no bleach when machine washing.


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