Heavy Duty Plain Oven Cloth | 48CM x 76CM


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The Best Quality Plain Oven Cloth for a Professional Finish

Our plain oven cloth is made from high-quality materials to ensure a flawless cooking and baking experience. This cloth is designed to protect you from the cooking heat. Its thick knitting can also help you handle and absorb any splatters. It is also great for wiping down the oven after use and removing any residue or messes.

The fabric is usually made from cotton and has an ideal thick weave that keeps the heat of cooking away from your hands. In short, it provides an extra layer of protection and helps you to achieve the best quality results with your cooking.


Why Prefer Oven Cloth Over Teal Towels or Dish Cloths?

Some individuals would use towels and dishcloths to remove freshly baked items from the oven. But lets tell you that it can be dangerous as these are not meant for that purpose. A plain oven cloth is perfect for such ventures.

It offers a highly professional finish that can’t match ordinary tea towels or dishcloths. Our cloths for handling ovens and other hot items are made from durable cotton, which makes them ideal for withstanding frequent use.

Another great benefit of using our plain oven cloth is that it is both hygienic and economical. They are also absorbent and highly resistant to grease, making them perfect for tackling messy cooking and baking jobs.

They are designed to be washed regularly and can be laundered at high temperatures – perfect for hospital laundries and commercial laundries. This means you don’t need to replace your oven cloth as often as you would with a standard tea towel, saving you money in the long run.


Ample Heat Coverage and Protection

Moreover, they offer far more coverage because oven cloths are more generous – measuring 76CM x 48CM – than most standard tea towels. This makes them ideal for covering larger surfaces quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk while handling hot items in your kitchen.

They provide an effective solution for all of your kitchen needs and are an easy way to add a touch of quality to your baking and cooking routine.

Its classic style complements any kitchen décor. With this handy oven cloth, you can ensure your baking projects will go off without a hitch!


Perfect for Both Cold and Hot Surfaces

This oven cloth is also perfect for use in any food preparation setting. Its thick fabric protects your countertops from scratches and scrapes, while its natural fibre construction allows it to be safely used with hot and cold foods. And because it’s unbleached, you can be sure there won’t be any residual chemicals or dyes left behind on your food items. Whether baking a cake or grilling some steaks, this oven cloth is the perfect choice for keeping your kitchen clean and safe!

At Linens Range, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, long-lasting oven cloths for your cooking needs. At our store, you can find out more about our products.

We are proud of our products and services and are always available to answer any queries or respond to any feedback you may have.


Care Instructions

*     Before cleaning the oven cloth, remove any loose food particles.

*    To keep the oven cloth in top condition, machine wash with mild detergent at a low temperature.

*    Let dry on low heat to allow natural air drying.


1 Piece, 5 Pieces, 10 Pieces


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