Heavy Floor Cloths | Plain Oven Cloth | Multipurpose Cloth | 48CM x 45CM


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Highly Absorbent Floor Cloths – A Real Kitchen Essential

Our highly absorbent floor cloths are the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. This unique product is designed to absorb spills quickly and efficiently, allowing you to return to cooking or entertaining in no time.

Not only is it as highly effective as an oven cloth. The thick texture will save your hands from heat during baking and cooking. All that makes it a great tool for your kitchen. Its timeless design will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.


All-round Heavyweight Floor Cloths

Quality floor cloths can be a lifesaver in keeping your kitchen clean and free of messes. It is strong and durable yet light enough to lift and carry.

The material used is highly absorbent and capable of soaking up large amounts of liquid without leaving behind lint or residue. The all-around cloth can wipe down countertops, tables, floors, and other surfaces without scratching.

It also offers superior resistance to heat. It is made from high-grade materials resistant to temperature when removing baked food from the oven. This makes it ideal for busy kitchens where spills and messes frequently happen around the high-temperature baking area.

You can also use it to dry dishes and cups or wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth after washing them. With proper care, your floor cloth will last long, ensuring your kitchen stays clean and tidy for years.


Why Prefer Over Traditional Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are a staple in most homes, and they have been used for generations to dry dishes, wipe down countertops, and keep the kitchen clean. Traditional kitchen towels have some significant drawbacks that make them less than ideal for the job. We recommend our dual nature floor and oven cloth for general kitchen use.

  •     First, kitchen towels often need to be more absorbent. This means that when you use them to dry dishes or wipe up spills, you can end up with wet surfaces that take a long time to dry.
  •     Second, these towels are prone to getting grimy and smelly over time. This means you must constantly wash and replace them, which can be expensive and tedious.
  •     Third, kitchen cleaning towels are usually made from cotton and other materials that require frequent washing and drying, further adding to their cost.
  •     Finally, kitchen towels can often be too large for tasks like wiping small spills or getting into tight corners.

For all these reasons, traditional kitchen towels often need to be improved to keep your kitchen clean and free of messes. We’re proud to offer a better solution – our highly absorbent floor cloth!

Our store has a wide range of products available to ensure you are well-equipped with the necessary items to ensure your kitchen is spotless.

Our team is always happy to answer any questions and advise on what products best suit your needs.


Care Instructions

*     Before using the floor cloths, rinse it in warm water with a mild detergent and air-dry it completely.

*    Ensure that the cloth is completely dry before storing.

*    Store the cloth away from direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area.

*    If your cloth becomes stained, pre-treat the stain with a mild detergent and wash as directed above.


2 Pieces, 5 Pieces, 10 Pieces


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