7 Easy Tips for How to Keep Fitted Sheet On Bed

Are you fed up with struggling for how to keep fitted sheet on bed? You’re not alone! Many of us have experienced the struggle of sheets that don’t stay in place. That is why people often want to know how to keep fitted sheets on bed.

Thankfully, you can use several tricks and tips to keep your fitted sheets snug and secure. This blog post will provide helpful advice on ensuring your fitted sheets stay put.

But before that, you must know why it is essential to keep it intact on the bed.

how to keep fitted sheet on bed

Reasons to Keep a Fitted Sheet on the Bed

These provide a neat look for your bed, giving your bedroom a professional finish.

Keeping a linen fitted sheet on the bed prevents dirt and dust from getting between the mattress and the sheet, resulting in cleaner and healthier sleep conditions.

It helps to keep your mattress in place, preventing it from sliding around or wrinkling.

These are also helpful when making the bed; they help to create a smoother appearance when tucked in.

Finally, fitted sheets are designed to fit specific sizes and shapes of mattresses, providing a snug fit that ensures maximum comfort.

Read on to learn how to keep fitted sheet on bed like a pro!

The Best Practices to Keep Fitted Sheets Intact

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Having these sheets that stay in place is a must for any bedroom. While regular flat sheets are easy to tuck in, a fitted one needs more attention to stay in its place. Here are some best practices to ensure your fitted sheets stay intact.

Use Suspenders to keep the Sheet in Place

If you’re looking for a creative way to keep your fitted sheets in place, why not use suspenders? Suspenders are bands of elastic that you can attach to each corner of the fitted sheet. This is an effective way to stop the sheet from slipping off the bed while sleeping.

How to Attach it?

To attach the suspenders, slide each corner of the sheet over one of the suspenders and then secure it using the hook and eye closure. This prevents any slipping or sliding of the sheet during the night. It also ensures that the sheet stays in place even if your partner moves around a lot in their sleep.

Suspenders are Affordable

Not only are suspenders a great way to keep your sheets in place, but they are also incredibly affordable. You can find sets of four suspenders online for as little as a few pounds. They are also easy to install and use and provide a snug fit on any size mattress.

You Can Use a Two-Sided Sticky Tape

Two-sided sticky tape could be the answer if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep your fitted bed sheets in place. It’s an inexpensive and straightforward solution that can help you avoid adjusting your sheets daily. Place a few strips of two-sided tape between the mattress and the bottom of the fitted sheet. The adhesive will stick to both materials and keep the sheet firmly in place.

Why Does the Correct Sticky Tape Matter?

Choosing the correct type of adhesive is essential to make the most of this method. Try to look for a product designed for fabrics and mattresses, as these will be strong enough to keep your sheet in place without damaging either material. Additionally, test the adhesive on an inconspicuous area before applying it to your bed. This will ensure that it won’t leave behind any unpleasant residue.

Overall, two-sided sticky tape is a simple but effective way to prevent your fitted sheets from slipping off your bed. When used correctly, it will keep your bedding neat without you needing to do any extra work. Whether you have a regular or adjustable bed, this is an excellent option if you want to keep your sheets in place.

Attach Handles to Corners by Sewing

Attaching handles to the corners of your sheet can be a great way to keep it secure and in place on your bed. Sewing is the best way to do this, as it will ensure that the handles are securely attached and won’t come off quickly.

  • Start by cutting four fabric rectangles, two inches by four inches each.
  • Then, mark two spots on each corner of your fitted sheet and insert the rectangles between the layers of fabric at each spot.
  • Sew the rectangles into place with a few stitches on all four sides, making sure they’re secure.
  • Finally, attach the handles to the rectangles by sewing them onto each one.

This trick will help keep your fitted sheet in place, so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep without worrying about it slipping off.

Wrap your Mattress in Stretchy Bands

If you are looking for a way to keep your fitted sheets on a bed, consider wrapping the mattress in stretchy bands. This is an effective solution to keep the sheets in place, particularly if you have an adjustable bed.

The bands can easily fit around the mattress and are secured with a fastener. These bands come in various sizes and thicknesses, so you can choose the best option to suit your needs. They are also easy to store away when not in use.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • When using these bands, it’s essential to ensure they are fitted correctly.
  • You should measure the circumference of your mattress and purchase the correct size band.
  • If you wrap the band too tightly, it can cause damage to your mattress, so it’s essential to ensure the fit is not too tight.
  • It’s also vital to ensure the edges of the sheet don’t become trapped between the band and the mattress, as this could create creases in your sheet and ultimately result in it coming off.

Once you have fitted the bands correctly, they help to keep your fitted sheet in place. They are also helpful in keeping a fitted sheet on an air mattress or futon, providing an extra layer of security and helping to keep the sheet from slipping off.

Putting a Rougher Sheet Underneath

One way to combat the dreaded fitted sheet slip is to put a rougher sheet underneath. The extra friction between the two layers of fabric will help hold the fitted sheet. A great way to do this is to layer a thicker sheet, such as a flannel sheet, underneath your fitted sheet.

This will give you extra insulation and keep the bottom layer in place. If you’re not a fan of the extra warmth or feel, you can also layer a thin sheet underneath your fitted sheet. Choose a textured fabric to create more friction between the layers and make the fitted sheet more difficult to slide off.

By layering the sheets, you can help prevent the dreaded slipped fitted sheet and finally get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Use Safety Pins to Fix Your Fitted Sheets

Safety pins are the answer if you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive, and quick way to secure your fitted sheets on the bed! This trick is handy if you’re struggling to keep the fitted sheet in place on an adjustable bed.

Safety pins can connect the four corners of the fitted sheet with the elastic straps so they won’t slip off.

  • Attach a safety pin at each corner and thread it through the elastic band.
  • Please ensure the pins are tight enough, as it may cause damage to your fitted sheet.
  • Once the pins are attached to all four corners, you will want to add additional pins along the sides of your fitted sheet and mattress.

This will ensure that the fitted sheet is secure and stays in place no matter how much you move around during sleep.

Buying a Fitted Sheet for a Perfect Fit

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In addition to the above tips, another aspect that will be more than helpful is to buy the fitted sheet wisely. When buying a fitted sheet, there are several things to consider. Let us explain this one by one:

The Elastic Shall be Strong and Dependable

The elastic on your fitted sheet should be solid and dependable to ensure a snug fit. Look for elastic that is thick, sturdy, and stretches well. It should also be sewn into the pocket of the sheet so it won’t come undone.

Try tugging and stretching the elastic to ensure it’s tight enough to keep the sheet in place. If you’re buying a higher-end sheet, look for reinforced elastic with extra stitching for maximum durability. Keeping your fitted sheets on your bed is much easier when you have good elastic that will stay secure all night.

The Pockets Shall be Deep Enough

Having the right fitted sheet requires that the pockets are deep enough. If the pocket is too shallow, the sheet will not stay in place as it will slip off. To ensure your sheets fit perfectly, measure the depth of the pocket before purchasing them. It should be a snug fit and provide plenty of room to secure the mattress. If the pocket needs to be deeper, you may need to find a different fitted sheet.

Additionally, it is essential to buy a fitted sheet that can accommodate a thicker mattress if needed. If the pocket is too shallow, it will not adequately cover your bed and won’t stay in place. To ensure your fitted sheets stay in place and don’t slip off, find one with deep enough pockets to secure your mattress.

Choose a Crisp Feeling Sheet

The fabric you choose makes all the difference regarding fitted sheets. The ideal choice is a crisp-feeling fabric that will be soft enough and maintain shape. Look for cotton-poly blends, linen, percale, or flannel fabrics if you want a softer feel. Make sure the fabric has good elasticity and doesn’t stretch out quickly.

Avoid fabrics like jersey or satin that tend to become baggy and sag over time. Opt for higher thread-count fabrics if you can find them; they tend to be more durable and retain their shape better than lower thread-count fabrics.

Select Zippered Sheets

Zippered sheets are the way to go if you want an extra secure fit. These sheets come with a zipper on the side, which helps keep the sheet secure on the mattress. Zippered sheets also make removing the sheet much easier and changing it whenever needed.

The downside is that the zipper can be bulky and add extra weight to the bedding. Additionally, they are more expensive than traditional fitted sheets. But if you want an even more secure fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fitted sheet should be folded in thirds by tucking all the elastic corners inside each other. You won’t believe how easy it is.

It takes about two years for a sheet set to wear out if you use it every day of the year. It is possible to use luxury cotton fitted sheets, such as percale and sateen sheets, for one or two more years. You can expect linen to last three to five years, sometimes even longer.

In addition to protecting the mattress, fitted sheets feel soft when you sleep on them. The corners of some of these are elasticized, so they fit securely.

Keeping your fitted sheet on an adjustable bed requires deep-pocketed fitted sheets, elastic strap sheets, or sheet fasteners.


There is no rocket science in keeping your fitted sheets on the bed intact and stopping them from moving. All you have to do is use some simple tips and tricks. It also depends upon how you choose your bed sheets and select the one that will always satisfy you when it comes to keeping it on the bed.

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