Exel Microfibre Cloths | Super Soft | 40CM x 40CM


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How Our Exel Microfibre Cloths Can Make Your Cleaning Easier?

Do you ever dread having to clean your house? If so, you’re not alone. Cleaning can be a time-consuming and sometimes tedious task. Fortunately, there is a way to make it easier but our exel microfibre cloths. It is designed to make cleaning easier and more effective. Let us look deeply at its fabrication, uses, benefits, and how it can make cleaning easier.


What is Exel Microfibre Cloth?

It is a premium knitted microfibre cloth designed for easy cleaning and polishing. This cloth is made from a blend of fine polyester and polyamide fibres, which are tightly woven together for maximum durability and efficiency.

The knitted design of the cloth allows it to retain its shape, providing a better cleaning surface. Additionally, the fibres used in the cloth are extremely absorbent, making it ideal for absorbing dirt and grime. It is available in colours, making it a great choice for all cleaning tasks.

This versatile cloth can be used for various cleaning tasks, including windows, mirrors, bathroom tiles, upholstery, countertops and more. The cloth is easy to use, requiring only a minimal amount of water or cleaning solution to get the job done. Its absorbent properties make it an excellent choice for drying surfaces after cleaning.

It is lightweight, durable and highly absorbent, making it an excellent choice for all cleaning tasks. With its versatility and convenience, Excel Microfibre Cloths are the perfect tool for keeping your home clean and tidy.


How Does Exel Microfibre Cloths Work?

These cloths are engineered to create a very large surface area per fibre, capturing dirt from most surfaces. This is because each fibre is ultra-fine, so it has an incredibly high number of contact points between the dirt and the fabric.

This allows them to attract and trap dirt, dust and other particles in their millions of contact points, lifting them away from the surface and into the fabric itself.


Benefits of Using Our Exel Cloths for Cleaning


These are extremely absorbent and can hold up to 8 times their weight in liquid, making them ideal for cleaning tasks that involve spills and other wet surfaces.

Streak-Free Cleaning

Microfibres have a unique structure that absorbs dirt, grease and grime. This makes them great for cleaning windows, mirrors and other glossy surfaces.

Safe on Delicate Surfaces

Unlike other cleaning materials like steel wool, these cloths are gentle enough to be used on delicate surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and granite countertops.


The microscopic fibres of microfibre cloths are designed to be lint-free, so they won’t leave any fuzzy residue on your cleaning surface.


One of the biggest benefits of using these cloths is that they are reusable, meaning you don’t need to buy new ones constantly.


Care Instructions

*    Wash the cloth before the first use and after each use to ensure you’re getting maximum cleaning power.

*    Use a mild detergent when washing the exel microfibre cloths.

*    Avoid using bleach when washing, as it can damage the fabric.

*    Do not dry clean or iron your microfibre cloths.


If you have any questions about Exel Microfibre Cloth, please don’t hesitate to get in Touch.

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