100% Cotton Geo Towels | 600 GSM | Hand Towels, Bath Towels & Bath Sheets


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New Geo Towels Promise Better Absorption Than Ever Before

Our Geo Towels are the answer if you want a better absorption experience after every bath or swimming venture. We have revolutionised how you dry off after a shower. With incredible absorbency, our towels will keep you warm and dry in no time.

Plus, they come in various colours and are heavy sizes to fit your style and needs. Read on to find out more about how our various styles for these towels can make your drying experience better than ever before.


What are Geo Towels?

These are the latest innovation in the world of absorbent towels. Unlike traditional cotton towels, these towels are made from an innovative blend for a great user experience. The unique design of these towels provides superior touch.

When it comes to our products, these also boast an ultra-soft texture, which is perfect for wrapping yourself in after a relaxing soak. These luxurious towels are available in various colours, making them perfect for any bathroom décor. Whether you’re looking for a quick dry towel or something to enhance the look of your bathroom, geo towels are the ideal choice.


Types & Packagings We Offer

We offer these towels in three styles, each designed for specific purposes and uses. 

Hand towels are the most versatile and can be used for anything from drying your hands to cleaning up a spill. They come in packs of four and are available in various colours.

Bath towels are great for after showers and baths. They come in two pieces per pack and are great for wrapping up and snuggling in after a long, hot, or cold shower. They are also perfect for taking you to the beach or pool.

The bath sheets are more extensive, allowing you to roll it over your body after showering or swimming. It’s also an ideal travel choice as it takes up minimal space and weight.

No matter which types you choose, you can rest assured that Geo Towels will provide you with the most fantastic after-bath experience.


How Do They Work?

All the above are made with an innovative design that features loops large enough to fit your fingers and weave together to form a textured fabric. This design allows for better absorption of moisture than regular towels. The loops act as channels to help quickly move the water off the surface and away from your skin. The result is a fast-drying towel with superior absorbency.

The colour selection is also top-notch, with various vibrant and beautiful colours available.

Overall, these are an excellent choice for those looking for a towel that is both absorbent and luxurious. They’re perfect for use after showering, swimming, or just a general hand drying and cleanup. They’ll help keep you dry and comfortable without occupying too much room in your linen closet.

Get in touch now for our other products and complete terry towels range. Visit our online store to know more.

Call or chat with our highly courteous customer care representatives if you have any queries.


Available Sizes:

Pack of 4 Hand Towels  [ 50CM x 80CM ]

Pack of 2 Bath Towels  [ 70CM x 120CM ]

Pack of 2 Bath Sheets  [ 90CM x 140CM ]


Care Instructions

When caring for your new towels, it’s important to remember a few things:

*     First of all, these towels are machine washable at 40°C.

*    Washing dark colours separately is essential to avoid any colour transfer and fading.

*    Do not bleach, as this can damage them and reduce their longevity.

*    You can tumble dry your towels; however, air drying is preferable if you have the time.

*    Lastly, keep them away from fire, which may cause damage..

Following these instructions will ensure maximum use of your geo towels for years!


Charcoal, Dark Blue, Dark Teal, Grey, Lavender, Natural, Ochre, Rose, White


4 Hand Towels, 2 Bath Towels, 2 Bath Sheets


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