Soft & Absorbent Microtex Microfibre Cloths | 40CM x 40CM


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Microtex Microfiber Cloths – Best for Heavy Duty Cleaning

If you are looking for a cloth capable of handling heavy duty cleaning tasks, our microtex microfiber cloths are the ultimate choice. Each piece is made of a premium microfiber cloth with high absorbency and is the perfect choice for any tough cleaning job.

With its superior strength and ability to trap dirt and grime, you can rest assured that your surfaces will be clean after heavy-duty cleaning.


Highly Absorbent for Spills and Messes

Regarding our microtex microfibre cloths, absorbency is an important factor to consider. After all, you want to ensure the cloth can handle spills and messes quickly and efficiently. Microtex microfibre cloths are highly absorbent. This means spills that quickly absorb and wipe away, leaving surfaces clean and dry.

Microtex microfibre cloths are also great for streak-free drying. After using it to soak up liquid, the cloth can wipe down surfaces, leaving them spotless and dry. This makes it perfect for windows, mirrors, countertops and more. In addition, its quick-drying properties ensure that it can be reused multiple times in a single cleaning session.


Edge of Microtex on other Microfibre Cloths

What differentiates microtex from other microfiber cloths is that it has a higher thread count than traditional microfibers. This further increases its absorbency, making it ideal for heavier-duty cleaning tasks. That way, more dirt and grime can be picked up with each swipe, making it an effective tool for all surface cleaning.


The Perks of Lint-Free Cleaning with Microtex Cloths

Microtex microfibre cloths are lint-free, meaning you won’t have to worry about annoying and unsightly fibres sticking to your surfaces after a deep clean. Whether you’re dealing with windows, mirrors, counters, or any other surface in your home, you can be sure that microtex will leave your surfaces spotless without leaving behind the usual mess.

The lint-free nature of these microfibre cloths also makes them great for sensitive surfaces such as phone screens, computer monitors, and cameras. The lack of fibres means you don’t have to worry about scratching these delicate surfaces as you wipe them down. Furthermore, it won’t leave any residues that could interfere with their functioning.

Their lint-free nature makes them ideal for giving surfaces a glossy shine. You can use them on stainless steel surfaces or furniture to make them look new without any streaks or residue.


Safe for All Surfaces

Thanks to its soft yet durable material, the microtex microfiber cloths are the perfect choice for any Furthermore, the microtex cloth won’t fade or discolour surfaces with repeated use. Its unique design ensures that it won’t damage surfaces during long-term cleaning tasks, making it perfect for any situation requiring gentle yet thorough cleaning. It’sIt’s easy to rinse and wring out, so you can use it repeatedly.


Care Instructions

*    Do not allow dirt and dust to build up on your cloths.

*    Wash them regularly to keep them clean and in good condition.

*    For heavily soiled cloths, let them soak in hot water with a mild detergent before washing them.


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