Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: What to Do with Old Duvets

Do you have an old duvet that’s seen better days and concerned about what to do with old duvets? Don’t throw out your old duvets! Upcycling them is a great way to give them a new life while reducing environmental strain.

In this blog post, we’ll show you ways to upcycle your old duvets and turn them into something new and exciting. The possibilities are endless, from making a quilt to creating a pet bed. Read on to learn more!

what to do with old duvets

Donate it to a Local Animal Shelter

Duvets provide warmth and comfort for animals, especially during cold weather. Donating them to a shelter will ensure a deserving animal is in need as they provide comfort and warmth.

It’s important to check with the shelter before donating, as some may not accept used bedding due to hygiene concerns. However, many shelters will be more than happy to take them off your hands.

Another great way to ensure your comforter is put to good use is to donate it to a volunteer-run organisation that rescues animals from difficult circumstances. These organisations often have limited resources and are always looking for donated items to help care for their animals.

No matter where you decide to donate them, call ahead and ask about any specific donation instructions. Donating them to an animal shelter or organisation greatly reduces waste while helping needy animals.

Use It as Packing Material

Are you planning to move, or do you know someone who is? Old duvets can make great packing material when it comes to moving houses. They can cushion and protect fragile items from knocks and bumps during transport.

You can also use them to fill any gaps in the back of a van or trailer to keep your boxes and furniture in place. To use an old duvet as packing material, start by ensuring it is clean. Then, fold it into a manageable size before wrapping your items.

You can also stuff any larger items, such as boxes and furniture, with the duvet for extra protection.

By repurposing your old duvets as packing material, you can help save time and money on your move. It’s also a great way to reduce waste, as you’re giving your old duvet a new lease on life.


Convert it into a Dog Bed

One of the most creative and satisfying ways to upcycle an old duvet is by turning it into a comfortable bed for your beloved pet. Not only will they give them something cosy to sleep on, but it will also help keep the duvet from ending up in the landfill.

To make a dog bed, you’ll need two old duvets or comforters, some cotton batting, fabric to use as the liner (optional), and stuffing. Start by laying one of the duvets down flat. Place the other on top and pin it to the bottom layer. Sew along the edges to attach the two pieces.

Next, line the inside of the bed with cotton batting and secure it in place using pins or tape. You can also use a lining fabric if desired. Add stuffing until the bed is full and fluffy.

Your pooch will love their new cosy bed! And you’ll be proud to know you’ve kept an old duvet out of the landfill.

Save Money and Use it as Insulation

To do this, cut up your old duvet into smaller pieces and stuff them into any cracks or crevices that require insulation.

You can also use it to fill gaps between walls and floors to keep your home better insulated. Using them for insulation makes your home more energy efficient and helps save money on your energy bills.


Utilise it as a Picnic Blanket

Upcycling an old duvet is the perfect way to turn your favourite bedding into something new and useful. An old duvet can easily be used as a picnic blanket – perfect for those hot summer days.

To ensure you have even coverage, lay them on the ground and arrange them in the desired shape. Then, use heavy-duty tape or pins to secure it to the ground.

If you don’t have the necessary supplies to secure it, layer the duvet with a light blanket, which should help keep everything in place. Finally, add a few cushions for comfort, and you’re ready for a picnic with your family and friends!

Try Creative Ways to Make a Duvet Cover

Upcycling your old duvet is an easy and creative way to give your bed a makeover. Start by measuring them, then find a fabric you like and measure it to the same size as the duvet.

Once done, turn your new duvet cover inside out, insert the old duvet, and you are done!

Wall Art Decoration

You can hang your duvet as a wall by attaching it to a curtain rod with some clips. It will also help cover the damaged portions of your wall or even the bad paint area.

For a more permanent option, use fabric glue or Velcro tape to secure it to the wall. With some creativity, you can create one-of-a-kind wall art that’s sure to be the envy of all your friends!

Turn it into a Floor Cushion

If you want to repurpose an old duvet, one creative way to do so is by turning it into a floor cushion. Start by measuring them and cutting the foam pad slightly bigger than the measurement. Place the pad on the wrong side of the duvet and attach it using fabric glue.

Once it is secured, fold over the extra fabric at the edges and glue it down. You can sew a neat hem around the cushion’s edges. Finally, enjoy your new floor cushion with your family and friends!

Use it as a Tablecloth

A great way to upcycle old duvets is to use them as tablecloths. But before that you must measure and cut it accordingly. You can create a distinguishing impact by using different fabrics and colours.

Sewing several pieces together can also create a patchwork effect. To finish off, hem the edges, so the fabric doesn’t fray. Plus, you’ll give it a second life and reduce your waste.

Let’s Make it a Costume

For a transformative and inventive new way to reuse your old duvets, creating a costume may offer a viable option.Cut it into desired shapes, such as a cape or dress, and then attach additional embellishments like sequins, glitter, and feathers.

You can even make a custom mask or hat to complete your look. Making a costume from your duvet is a fun way to give new life to an old piece of fabric. Get creative and have fun with it!

Use it as a Dust Cloth

This simple method is incredibly easy and can help keep your home clean while avoiding using chemical-based cleaners.

To start, shake them out to remove any dust or debris. Then, cut it into smaller pieces and use them to wipe down hard surfaces like countertops, furniture, and floors. The material is soft and won’t scratch surfaces, so it’s an ideal alternative to traditional dusting cloths.

If your duvet is particularly stained or dirty, use a gentle cleaning solution and rinse with warm water before use. They can be reused in a practical and Eco-friendly way with little effort.

Donate it to a Needy Person

Consider donating your old duvet to a local homeless shelter, charity shop, or even online through websites like freecycle. Ensure that the recipient of the donation can use the item.

Many charities accept used items in good condition. Donating is a simple way to make sure your old thing isn’t going to waste and is being put to good use.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your old duvet as wall art by stretching it over a frame or using spray adhesive to affix it to a canvas.

Yes, you can use your old duvet as a picnic blanket or as insulation for camping trips.

When making a duvet cover, use a sturdy fabric such as cotton or linen to ensure durability.

To ensure the longevity of your old duvet, store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Yes, you can upcycle your old duvet into clothing items such as costumes or coats.

Generally speaking, replacing your old duvet every two to three years is recommended for optimum comfort and hygiene.

Final Thoughts on What to Do with Old Duvets

Recycling old duvets can be a great way to repurpose an item that would otherwise be thrown away. There are various ways to upcycle them, from using them as insulation to making a pet bed or floor cushion.

You can even turn it into wall art or use it as a dust cloth. Don’t forget about donating the duvet so someone in need can benefit from your efforts. Have fun with your creative projects, and enjoy finding new uses for this often-forgotten item!

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